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"Sal Jacobs is, without question, the best company owner that I have ever worked with and one of the most honest, dedicated people that I’ve ever met. With only a month until I was to close on the sale of my house, I learned that my septic system failed inspection. I called Sal and he immediately came out to my house to look at my system and offer his recommendations for next steps. And when I say immediately, I mean it; I called Sal in the morning and he came to my house that afternoon and he brought his engineer with him. He described in terms that I could understand what the issues were and how they needed to be remedied.

Sal then asked his engineer to create the necessary drawings and got this done within just three days. He then personally worked with Atlantic County employees to get the drawings approved so that he could start repairing my system as quickly as possible. Keep in mind, that it typically takes 2 to 4 weeks to get drawings and have them approved by the County. Once the drawings were approved, Sal started work on the new system He brought into two crews to complete the new system in just two days. He and his team definitely went the extra mile. They started work each day at 6:30 AM and didn’t finish until 8:00 each night. On the first day, when Sal learned that additional stone was needed; he drove all the way to Pennsylvania to get the stone; and dropped it off at my house that night. He didn’t get home until almost 11:00 PM. This is just one example of the commitment and dedication that Sal has to his customers.

This was the first time that Sal and I have met or done business together. Despite this, he treated me like family. He was going to do whatever it took to help me; just like he would do for one his own family members. I learned that Sal was willing to put a personal vacation that he had planned with his wife on hold in order to complete my system. It just amazes me that he was willing to do this. He was always available – willing to take my calls at all hours.

Quite simply, Sal is the best. You can rest assured that you will be in good, professional hands, treated fairly, and get a world-classed system at a reasonable price. All I can say is call Sal immediately for any of your septic or plumbing needs. Don’t waste your time considering any other company. Thanks, Sal!" - John M.

"My experience with Sal Jacobs Septic Service and plumbing service has always been an excellent one. For instance, I am always grateful to Sal Sr. and Sal Jr. and Joe and the rest of the people that are part of his team on how they took care of us in replacing our entire septic system and making our system brand new and even better than it ever was before by upgrading us to a new and improved state of the art septic system. Also, Sal and his team take the extra mile in order to take care of the customer. You could call Sal on a Sunday or even a holiday and he will do his very best to get back to you and get to your house to get the job done. This is also said for his plumbing service, you get the same treatment as well. Whenever I might have a septic issue or a plumbing issue all I have to do is call Sal, any day of the week or even if I have to call him late into the evening I know that he will break his back and give that 100% to see that the customer is taken care of. Thank God for the Sal Jacobs team my family is very lucky to have the service that he provides for his customers. I highly recommend Sal Jacobs team to other people God bless you Sal you are the man." - Michael C.
"Sal came out today to pump my septic tank and he is now my forever vendor of choice! He accommodated my time availability restriction and was on time. Pleasant and easy to talk to, Sal explained to me what needs to be done, answered all my questions, and made recommendations how to keep my septic system happy and healthy. Thank you Sal for such great service!" - Carolyn B.
"I have used Jacobs Septic for years since 1989. His crew has always been very courteous. I recommend them very highly. I don't hesitate calling them when necessary. Sal and his crew came out and assessed the problem I was having and it was as bad as I thought it was, I needed a new septic system. Sal Jacobs and his crew took care of us by installing a brand new system for us and saved us a great deal of money in the process. Sal helped us with a financial problem by letting us make two payments and he never seem to be worried about the second payment and I finally got it worked out, thank you Sal. I would definitely refer Sal to other people which I always do. I feel that it is a great thing to know that if you have a problem with your system, Sal will be there in a hurry to take care it and I appreciate that. He is a personable, likable and nice guy and I enjoyed having him do the work for me. If you want a great price and a professional job, then call Sal. THANKS Sal I really do appreciate your company. THANKS." - Leslie R.
"Sal installed a new septic system in my home recently and I have to say that he has been one of the most professional contractors I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. He took the time to educate me on the process and reached out to me during the inspection to make sure I was aware of what was going on at the time. I would recommend Sal to anyone interested in getting any plumbing or septic work done." - Fernando S.
"Sal installed a new septic system for us after we had a cesspool collapse. He went out of his way to help us clarify with the county what was done on our property prior to our home purchase. That is something I did not expect from an installer. He did the job efficiently and a very competitive price. We'll definitely use his services in the future." - Chris & Agnes S.
"My family has had a very good customer experience with Sal Jacobs Septic Services. I can remember a while back when my septic system finally broke down and I was kind of in dire straights. After seeking a new septic service team because my old company let me down, it was then that we found Sal Jacobs company and our problems were no more. Sal takes that extra personal service that he offers customers and makes the customer feel worry free and that they are going to be taken care of quickly and efficiently. Sal Jacobs and his crew took care of us by installing a brand new system for us and a much better quality of a septic system better than we had before and saved us a great deal of money in the process. I would definitely refer Sal to other people which I already have. I feel that it is a great thing to know that if you have a problem with your system, Sal will be there in a hurry to take care of your family even if it is Christmas eve or any other holiday, that my friend, is class and great service." - Michael B.
"I have used Jacobs Septic Service and Plumbing for over 20 years.They always have provided quality work. There when they say they will be, clean work,fair priced and friendly. Supportive of Veterans and Veterans Organizations. The work at my VFW post was very professional."
"Sal Jacobs Plumbing & Heating was one of the good things to come after Sandy. Sal's is a straight shooter." - Oliver D.
"Sal and his crew did a wonderful job pumping my septic tank at a fair price. I was having a party at my house on a Sunday when my septic tank unexpectedly became full. I quickly called Sal on a Sunday and he was at my house in 20 minutes. His promptness and customer service is second to none!!! I highly recommend!" - Herb S.
"Our gas line was struck by lightning. It was the scariest time in our life. Sal and his crew came out that same day and fixed our gas line without hesitation. His expertise and professionalism was superior regarding the damage we incurred from the storm. Not only did he restore our gas line so we could have hot water that same day, his work was meticulous. I would highly recommend Sal and his crew for any job. Thank you for making us fell safe again!" - Tom & Debbie D.
"Jacobs Septic Tank service is a very dependable company. they make ever effort to provide service as quickly as possible. They are knowledgeable and very helpful when problems arise." - Deborah P.
"I have been using Jacobs Septic & Plumbing for over 20 years. They have always provided quality and clean work. On time and fair priced friendly service."
"I have used sal jacobs septic the last three times. His service and his employees are very professional in their work. I recommend him to all that need his service. He is also a very fine plumber." - Frank I.
"We called for a septic repair at our home. We were very satisfied on the work they did. Very clean and professional" - Bob C.
"Thanks for the quick response on my septic system. I would recommend Sal to anyone."
"I have used Jacobs Septic for several years. His crew has always been prompt and courteous. Most importantly they got the job done right. I recommend them very highly. I would not hesitate to call them again if necessary. Because of the fine job they did at my home, I don't think I will need them again soon but I feel comfortable with the feeling that should I need them, Sal and his crew will come anytime 24 hours a day. He is a personable, likable and nice guy and I enjoyed having him do my work. If you want a great price and a professional job, then call this company. You won't regret it… I know I made the right decision" - Jose D.
"Hello Sal, I wanted to send you my heartfelt Thanks for putting Trident Mortgage and our client first this morning and providing us the certification letter. We were able to close earlier than later today and saved a lot of people from being homeless this evening. I appreciate your time and service. I will be sure to send you referral business as I am a homeowner in the local area of your business. Please also send my thanks to your secretary for taking my call and sending me the fax this morning. You and your team truly came through for Trident Mortgage and the Mark Anselmo Team!" - Alina R.
"I ran into a major problem with my water heater just 3 days before the final inspection which I needed to pass in order to obtain my certificate of occupancy. I truly found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place, I called Sal and asked him for advise, he gave me his recommendation, I agreed and within 24 hours he found me a reliable electrician to install a 30 amp line and installed my new water heater, not to mention he relocated a shutoff valve that was in the wrong spot. I know he didn't make a lot of money on that deal but he still gave it his all! That's saying something when it comes to customer service. I would trust Sal Jacobs Plumbing and Septic with any job big or small!!!" - Frank H.
"I am a Realtor Associate with Balsley Losco Realty in Northfield. Often when we in the business need a professional tradesman time is really of the essence. When I recently needed a septic certification right away none of my regular vendors were available any sooner than two weeks hence. In desperation I cold called Sal who was out to the property the next day and I had the report by fax the following day. Sal and his staff were courteous and professional at all times. This is the kind of service I appreciate and from now on Sal Jacobs will be my number one "go to" guy for all of my plumbing, heating, a/c and septic needs. I will also enthusiastically recommend him to all of my colleagues.i.e., A local favorite, or highly recommended."
"I had my Septic service and a few plumbing issues addressed, than an unexpected kitchen sink issue came up and was not scheduled. The two very nice guys took care of everything, the work was very satisfactory. They took pride in their work. Was on time and was pleasant and respectable." - Annie B.
"We use Sal Jacobs Septic for years and have always been satisfied with their services. We have called in the morning and they were there in the afternoon. Great service." - Mark C., Blue Anchor, NJ
"Sal Jacobs and his team are excellent. They are reliable, knowledgeable, professional and prompt. Phone calls are returned promptly and everyone is so polite. I highly recommend them." - Cathy W., Hammonton, NJ

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